Sitecore 8.1 Features


 Sitecore 8.1 Features

An Overview of Recent Versions:

Sitecore has seen remarkable growth with each subsequent release of the product. With every Sitecore version comes a flock of enhancements that can have a big impact on Digital Marketing. Previous version operates individually and can be published as the active version of content. Sitecore strives to stay at the forefront of the ever altering face of content management by constantly evolving offerings to ensure their platform is equipped to support the next generation of websites.

Little about Sitecore 8.0:

Comparing with the previous versions, Sitecore 8.0 introduced even more features including a totally revamped user interface, new experience profiles, powerful analytics, and a collection of advancements in content management. As each version of Sitecore gets more advanced it becomes even more important for a business to choose the Sitecore.

Sitecore identified the need to deliver a solution which enables marketers to gain further intuition into their customers’ website interactions and so emerged the birth of versions.

Kin of Sitecore 8.0!!!

Beings after Sitecore 8.0 has been introduced, with a vision to gain further insight to the customers’ website interactions, Sitecore has introduced significant contextual intelligence enhancements to the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 8.1. The enhancement had been made with context driven marketing now at the forefront of delivering personalized content across digital channels.

And nevertheless, Sitecore 8.0 version was a greater success with its exciting features which was in a demandable service by the customers and created a big impact on digital marketing.

Sitecore 8.1 – The Innovative Features Serving Brands Contextualize Experiences:

Sitecore XP 8.1 empowers marketers to turn every customer interaction into an astonishing experience by offering customers relevant content in the appropriate context.

Sitecore 8.1 had been launched to deliver ‘World-Class Context Marketing’ and to build deeper and longer-term relationships with the customers. It is powered to enable today’s marketers to turn every customer interaction into an extraordinary experience by offering relevant, personalized content to the right audience at the at the right time.

Key Features of Sitecore 8.1:

  • Marketing Foundation: Replaces Experience Marketing (previously DMS). This is the new residency of the Experience Database (xDB). It includes CMS only mode, Contact behavior profile, Key behavior cache, Venue tracking.
  • Fully integrated Device Detection features: New regulation set allows you to contextualize your content based on Geo-IP and device. The service supports the Experience Database (xDB) and Experience Analytics, allowing content authors to pull reports based on guests’ device and device usage, then facilitating them to optimize and personalize these guests’ website experiences – definite to their device and its properties.
  • Enhanced Experience Editor Features: Cautions are now revealed and there are enhancements to versioning and shared outlines. In addition, ‘Version Management Improvements’ has been implemented.
  • New SPEAK components and improved SPEAK component framework: New SPEAK core for improved usability, flexibility and performance. Integrated with a responsive design and deliver an enhanced experience for page developers and end users.
  • New Language Fallback Features: Assign rules to fall-back to another language version of content. It allows a developer. It allows a developer to specify a default language when a visitor visits a page which does not have a relevant language version.
  • Integrated Campaign Creator Tool: Fragment of Experience Analytics, you can now create, manage and filter campaigns without using the Marketing Control Panel or Content Editor. It also provides facilities to automatically publish the campaign activities upon creation, and unpublishes upon deletion.
  • New Experience Analytics reports and dimensions: Experience analytics has new graphs and reporting tools offered in an improved UI to enable marketers to gain a detailed view of marketing activities.
  • Improved Path Analyzer Components: It is now enabled with custom maps to see which channels produce most revenue, outcomes per visit.
  • Improved Testing: Additional KPIs have been additionally implemented. Reach measures the percentage of visits, Effect measures engagement value based on past tests.

“There has been a fundamental paradigm shift. Today’s customer expectations are ‘If I can imagine it, it simply has to be there; if not, I’ll invent it myself’,” stated Kim Williams, AFC Commissioner. Sitecore resolves this for us, empowering us to better understand our customers and in turn, create enormous experiences personalized to their individual interests and requirements.

Sitecore 8.1 has brought into focus the real need to contextualize content and in deed so has given us the means to do so.

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